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In depth Toilet Reviews for homeowners

Smart home owners realize the value of getting a new toilet that’s durable, includes a powerful flush, and looks great. At Minson, we believe in taking your time to assess the many different products available to you. When you rush decisions, that’s when you end up with something sub par.

This site is designed to provide toilet reviews so that consumers may find something that fits their bathroom needs easily. We shall take a look into the various specifications of individual products, keeping track of the flush valve, trapway, bowl, tank, trip lever, water consumption, mounting and much more. Read on to improve your knowledge.

TOTO Ultramax II MS604114CEFG#01

If you’re not already familiar with the TOTO USA brand, they can be found here. They are a highly respected manufacturer among plumbing professionals mainly because their products tend to be highly reliable and very rarely encounter problems. So a good start, the TOTO toilet brand is always a plus.

Next, lets take a quick look at how the flushing system operates along with water consumption. We always look for products that are economically friendly, whilst still retaining a reasonable degree of power for handling waste. The Ultramax II operates on an extremely effective double cyclone wash down system than not only handles bulk waste with ease, but also remains WaterSense approved.

Then there is the bowl, the bowl shape and size can tell users a lot about how comfortable it’s going to be for you. This one has an elongated shape bowl, whilst including a taller, universal height for improved accessibility.

As far as pricing is concerned, it’s a little on the expensive side of things, but you can expect that when purchasing a highly durable toilet with a strong flush from a reputable company. You’re not going to get bargain prices for such things.

Overall, this is our top pick for residential settings. The functionality and design will make a winning combination for the majority of bathrooms.

KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs

Another personal favorit of ours comes from the Memoirs range of Kohler. This is an exceptional brand name in the industry for a number of reasons. The wide scope of their designs and flushing mechanisms enable them to become the number two on our list.

The k-3819-0 is available in a number of different colors. Almond, black, white, dune, ice grey, and sandbar are all options to meet the many different aesthetic requirements of individuals bathrooms. It features an elongated style bowl for comfort, and has a beautifully crafted tank that we would conclude to be of a more traditional style than contemporary. It looks great regardless.

Unlike the TOTO model listed above, this one is not quite as environmentally friendly. It utilizes 1.6 gallons instead of the EPA recommended 1.28. That can be seen as the downside, however, more water combined with an innovative flush system equals more power and much more effective cleaning of the bowl. In fact, it has what’s known as class five flushing technology which is as high as you’re going to get for residential toilets.

Overall, this pick is worthwhile if you’re solely looking for performance. It’s also relatively inexpensive in comparison with competitors.

From time to time, this page will get updated with new toilet reviews. We have a number from Sterling, Gerber, and Mansfield in the pipeline. So stay tuned.